Citrix and Microsoft Cloud Partnership

Citrix and Microsoft Cloud Partnership

Small as well as large business units have realized the potential the cloud technology and there is a great need for proven solution providers. The partnership between Citrix and Microsoft will help customers to switch over to cloud technologies in a very efficient way. Customers who are eager to accelerate their digital transformation can subscribe to the service without any issues. The partnership between Citrix and Microsoft will enhance value to the customer.


Switch over to cloud

Citrix desktop virtualization is intended to help businesses smooth transition from traditional data storage and retrieval system to virtual storage solutions. The expectations of an organization are fulfilled with the help of a proven service provider. Every organization is facing challenges in digital transformation. The need of a reliable partner is essential.

It is possible to subscribe to best office 365 pricing plans so that employees will get access to latest version of Office applications. They will get access to web applications as well. The data can be entered and retrieved from any location by using any device. There will be access to data on 24/7 and the service provider will take up the responsibility of maintenance.

Benefits of proven service provider

There will be quick acceleration of the move to the Cloud when you go for the best service provider. As Microsoft is engaged in the service, you will get access to Windows 10 without any issues. The move to Office 365 will be phenomenal. Users will get access to various services through mobile phones.

There are many organizations which were quiet successful in switching over to cloud technologies. For example, 70% of the workload of General Electric is transferred to the cloud. The integration between software vendors and cloud service providers is very much efficient.

Developers will get access to the data and various services without any issues. Services are delivered very quickly so that there will not be any issues.

Enhanced performance

By subscribing to cloud based sharepoint solutions, there will be enhancement of operations. It is possible to serve the needs of customers in the best possible way. Business prospects of an organization are very much enhanced as they will be able to serve the needs of customers in real-time.

Real-time services are offered to customers by using real-time applications. The software will be upgraded automatically on a regular basis so that the latest trends in the market are absorbed very quickly. It is possible to withstand the competitors. By offering unique and technology-driven solutions, you will be pioneer in the market.

Organizations will be able to spend more time on core business activities so that there will be impressive performance. As you go through the information provided on the website, you will understand the power of cloud technologies and the necessity to switch over to it at the earliest. As a matter of fact, you should not be left behind when your competitors are offering the technology-driven solutions to your customers.

Market-leading services

To stay at the forefront of technology, you should update your infrastructure and foolproof services should be provided to customers. There are per-user services which are very affordable. You can subscribe to the base plan and go for higher plans as per your business needs. offers complete information in this direction so that you can make the most of your investment. If customers are using Microsoft Cloud solutions, it is possible to deploy virtual apps or desktops. Windows 10 adoption can be accelerated to that there will be better security features as well.

Microsoft Azure is the preferred cloud for Citrix. XenApp and XenMobile users will get benefits through the Windows Server 2016. Clients can take advantage of new security features. The threat surface and enterprise security are very much enhanced through the Nano Server.

The identity management is very much enhanced for on-prom and cloud deployment solutions. The UX enhancement will be done on RDS platform. When you go through the latest application and desktop virtualization, it is possible to offer best services to your customers. You can scale up your infrastructure and go for pay-as-you-go model to address your needs. The Microsoft will maintain the cloud infrastructure, and the Citrix will focus on Apps and maintenance. You will focus on core business.

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