Importance of digital technology for human life

Importance of digital technology for human life

We are very hard through life without today’s technology. It can be said we could not escape from technology. Without technology we like living in the stone age. Without technology we like in the Prehistoric era. Just imagine, if one day live without technology, definitely stress once tasted. Article you are currently reading even this that I made with Computer Technology. From what we eat, drink, walk, travel, technology plays an important role like water is vital to human life. For tips on getting a loan, you can see it in

There are so many benefits that we can get the technology relies on digital technology One or more familiar with the Internet.

Internet, with the Internet we can do many things such as the most important is to look for information, go shopping, or to social media.

In Economics,

In Economics, digital technology is very influential Example, Nowadays a lot of people who use the Internet for things that are commercial or profiteering. Because they know that with the increasing number of Internet users every day, is a good prospect in the future to earn a living. In fact, there is also to be willing to release his main job is only to pursue efforts in this area. Every day millions of people access the Internet for information, go shopping, look for the brand and so on. If we have a product or service, we can take advantage of this sophisticated technology to make a profit. In my experience, when you first get to know internet marketing (Business Online), I was immediately interested and instantly learn then I put it into practice. With capitalize bit to advertise my turning a profit from the products I advertise. Indeed, for those who are already familiar with it, it is a matter of course, but for ordinary people like me at that time, it is a remarkable thing, and makes me even more passion that the Internet is a great place to work will I live and still continues today.

Conventional Internet for business is no less important to support the success of its business. For example if someone has a clothing store that sold significantly in the market, by utilizing “website sales” or shop online then the clothes are being sold by the shop owners could be promoted again at the online store TSB that can be accessed by many people even to overseas. Thus, like the way this could be a nice alternative in addition to the first way of promotion. The products are sold widely public can know and percentage of sales can be increased.

In the field of Education

In the field of education, perhaps it could be said more vital again the benefits of digital technology in the world of education. To give birth to the next generation of qualified, may not be not if the digital technology does not interfere in this case. Not enough to just look for resources from books, word of mouth. Internet is most often used when someone wants to find information for the average people already know him, either through Mobile submit their computers. With easy to search for information, especially for students, will be greatly helped to complete tasks or questions that are on his mind. The utilization of digital technology to the current education now had been able to be applied in distance learning (E-Learning). On the internet has now started a lot of knowledge systems that can be done remotely without having to meet directly with teachers. Even today the formal school can be done this way. The time can be specified alone makes someone more flexibility to arrange it. Experience, once I followed the online course, a course that can be done online without having to meet the teaching, the time that I can set yourself makes me really be helped by this kind of information technology. I can study whenever I want, whether it’s morning, noon, afternoon, evening and even at 2 am.

Actually there are many benefits that can get from information technology. But behind the many benefits that exist, there are negative impacts that could arise, namely the misuse include:

  • Pornography, access pornographic video that widely spread on the internet will negatively impact someone, especially children.
  • Defamation, people who take advantage of their versatility in the field of internet may misbehave example by breaking (hack) a person’s Facebook account. The account will be refunded if the hacker has gained what is wanted.
  • Piracy, like the case of the police website some time ago in tossed by people not in the know that all data is deleted
  • And so forth.

I hope that the government can maximize digital technology familiarization internet to remote areas such as the village of unreached villages. Sure, in a place I had no internet cost to the villagers, but it was just a moment and I myself can not be without. Perhaps with the installation of a mobile tower will help residents in villages villages easier access to the internet for high-speed signal (3G) can go, do not need to be back and forth to the cafe almost every day as I did. Because the ineffectiveness of this makes my internet marketing activities less than the maximum. And perhaps it would be better if there is guidance on the healthy use of the Internet, so that people can better utilize the Internet itself to activities with a positive and productive.

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