Ramp Up Your Style

Ramp Up Your Style

Are you stuck in a style rut?  There’s no time like the present to ramp up your style and bring on some of the latest fashions. Follow these recommendations by professional stylists to let your personal style shine through. The first suggestion is to take the plunge and grab a Groupon coupon for your local hair salon and have a fresh consultation with a professional stylist.


They’ll let you know what the latest hair styles are that would flatter your facial features and work with your lifestyle.  This is only a hairstyle you’re agreeing to – not a baby’s name. If you don’t love it, within two or three months it will grow out and you can start over. Experiment with color, curls and waves. You’ll feel great in your new style. You can probably already feel that new bounce in your step!

Next, take a hard look at your wardrobe. One of the easier and least expensive ways to make a rea fashion splash is by updating your accessories.  It’s generally recommended to make a good investment in the classics pieces in your wardrobe such as trousers, jackets and shoes.  Solid shades, quality materials and exceptional tailoring are worth the investment. These pieces will anchor your wardrobe and last for years. Layer the recent trends over these classics and you’ll be a fashion guru in no time.  Look at quality over quantity. So many garments are manufactured so cheaply today, they’re almost impulse buys. Avoid the temptation to pick up a sweater a long side a gallon of milk. Chances are you’ll only wear a few times and the quality will be reflected in the fit.

Follow these tips by the professionals and you’ll be styling a new hair style, earrings and scarves in no time. Remember to have fun on your new fashion journey!

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