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Delivers the most current breaking news and info on the most current best stories, politics, Jakarta, crime, economy, sport, entertainment and technology. Mechanical Technology sets out to help SA sector in all concerns that are informative to experts across the complete spectrum of engineering and the mechanical trades. African Fusion, the official publication of the Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW), aims to provide up-to-date insight into welding technology and the welding industry. Sometimes the issues in the magazine are way more than my head, but for the most component it gets the creative juices flowing and gets me producing some cool stuff that would otherwise price mega bucks.

In February 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the National Institute of Requirements and Technology (NIST) announced a partnership that integrated formation of the National Commission on Forensic Science (NCFS) and what is now the Organization of Scientific Location Committees (OSAC). The magazine includes content material on African technologies, South African experience in particular, but also draws editorial from overseas sources.

Every month Focus brings you all that’s new and thrilling in science, technologies and the natural globe. The magazine seeks original application, tutorial or survey-style papers describing new breakthrough concepts and technologies in mobile radio, automotive electronics and transportation systems. Members of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology receive complete digital and electronic access to T&S Magazine content as a member benefit.

From true globe, firsthand accounts of how your peers are making use of mobile technologies to drive enterprise positive aspects to believed leadership on the most recent technologies advancements and trends Field Technologies offers the details you need to have to establish how mobile technologies could be enhancing your organization. Inventive new interactive technologies are energizing students and teachers with fresh possibilities for interactivity and collaboration in the classroom. News products are usually up to 200 words and feature articles 700 -­ 1,500 words, plus a couple of illustrations, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

The magazine aims to inform readers about novel tactics, systems, processes and items as properly as supplying analysis of all relevant areas inside the chemical sector. In addition, Chemical Technologies covers subjects such as the design and building of chemical plant, processes or unit operations in chemical engineering, and specialty chemicals in South Africa, among other individuals. It is the only B2B magazine in SA that is committed solely to the subject of lighting. For subscription and membership info, click on the Subscribe to T&S Magazine” or Join SSIT” hyperlinks on this web page. Focus Science & Technologies is the BBC’s award winning science and technology magazine.

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